For those wondering where the questions in the FUDCon Toronto survey came from, this IRC snippet from #fedora-mktg last month is a little peek from when Robyn (rbergeron) and I (mchua) were going through questions from Yaakov...

07:25:09 < rbergeron> did fudcon live make it possible for you to participate more or less than otherwise, and how would like to be able to participate and have fudcon live match that.
07:25:22 < rbergeron> yaakov said in an email you guys talked a bit about the questions?
07:25:44 < rbergeron> do you know offhand what the meaning is in the 2nd half of the sentence there
07:26:14 < mchua> rbergeron: yeah, lemme try to parse it better
07:26:39 < mchua> for both attendees and remotees and read-notes-afterwards people:
07:26:48 < mchua> compare your FUDCon experience with FUDCon Live available
07:27:01 < mchua> with your projected FUDCon experience had FUDCon Live not been available
07:27:14 < mchua> and let us know the diff, and whether that diff is positive or negative
07:27:40 < mchua> now make a third option, "your FUDCon experience with FUDCon Live v.2.0 available"
07:28:10 < rbergeron> ahh
07:28:11 < rbergeron> ok
07:28:18 < mchua> where the value of "FUDCon Live v.2.0" is set such that the third option has the maximum optimal your-happiness-with-your-ability-to-participate value
07:28:23  * rbergeron just kind of got a little lost in the 2nd half of the sentence
07:28:37 < mchua> and tell us the value of "FUDCon Live v.2.0"
07:28:38  * rbergeron laughs
07:29:04 < mchua> rbergeron: I'm, um, an engineer sometimes
07:29:25  * rbergeron points to mchua's bed ... go sleeeeeep

If you haven't taken the survey, please take 5 minutes and do so now! It closes in 4 days, on Friday, January 8, 2010 and will help us improve future FUDCons.