...of how the remainder of 2010 will go, it's going to be a very good year.

I woke up in a warm bed fully refreshed, had a lovely giant mug of tea, then breakfast, then another giant mug of tea. Blueberry crepes appeared halfway through the morning. I knocked out some solid progress on my to-do list, kept up with emails (even made a dent in my backlog), did not get interrupted, had a pleasant dinner with my family, read, had some good writing-braindumps, had some wonderful conversations with friends that made me (1) think and (2) appreciate the privilege of being able to hang out with folks this awesometastic...

In general, I've been in a happily relaxed flow state all day. Not uncontrollably hyperfocused (I was able to effortlessly direct my focus today - this is rare, and lovely when it happens!) or totally scattered (though I was able to effectively multitask and take in many things at once), not isolationist (though I did get solo work done) nor all socializing/talk (though I loved the conversations that I had), not sedentary (though I did relax) and not totally overclocking my physical capacities (though I did run about and move and it felt quite good).

In other words, today I had something that often eludes me: balance.

Here's to many more days of finding the same. I'm off to stretch, then to read, then to bed. Ahh, this is good.