I took some idle moments today to ascii up my impression of the Fedora Insight workflow that was discussed at FUDCon Toronto 2009: behold. (original source)

For context, Fedora Insight's intended audience is people who are not (yet!) contributors to the Fedora community, but want to get a sense of its pulse at any given moment - what's going on, what's interesting, what are people excited about? Every piece of content on Fedora Insight should stand alone and be readable by someone who's never heard of Fedora before (without them having to ask "what does that acronym mean?") which is the reason for the "annotation" portion of the moderation queue. Think about how sites like engagdget, lifehacker, etc. put a few sentences of context to explain the site they're about to link to. Same sort of idea here.

Thoughts, comments, feedback, criticism, tomatoes, and patches welcome - I'm putting this out as a strawman.

Edit: Oy, the fixed-width theming on my blog does not handle this ascii diagram nicely. I've replaced it with an image for inline reading, but you should really go look at the version on the wiki page.
fedora insight workflow draft