Felix has some FUDCon Toronto photos up reminding me of what I need to practice (that's Simon/itbegins in the background, by the way) over the next 3 months; Sebastian (my transcription buddy for Diana's talk in this photo) and I played what was probably the Longest Game Of Pool ever at FUDPub due to neither of us actually knowing how to hold a stick, shoot, or... well, the rules of the game in general. I mean, when you cheer when you hit a ball - any ball - your standards for a "good shot" could improve considerably. But y'know, learn by doing, right? We're on for a (hopefully shorter) rematch the next time the two of us and a pool table are colocated and are trying to find ways to practice (on opposite continents) in the meantime. I may need to ask for lessons next time I'm in Raleigh.

Reposted my dashmirror design to Hack Ability, with much more conciseness. Melanie and I spent an entire afternoon at the library - she looking for research books, I boggling at the massive graphics novel shelf. Bernie and Caroline came over for dinner, which ended up with Audrey talking with Caroline about Physics, Bernie teaching Melanie how to patch an Activity, and a good deal of pasta bake being consumed by all. I also got to see Hari and chill out about learning styles (with orange-almond chocolate) before he started driving down to Georgia to start his semester off. And Eamon, Liz, and Chris are up for Car Day when the winter ends.

It's snowing; I'm not sure if my plane will fly today. That's okay. I have lots of books to read, and things I need to write, and instruments to play with once I find a 9V battery for my bass's pocket amp, or once Melanie wakes up thus enabling me to play my other instruments. I have a good number of half-formed posts that I could pick up, polish off, and hit the button on; maybe I'll take that up at some point today.

You can see I'm just letting my brain meander idly now; it's nice to let it float for a while. I'm going to go and put that Sting CD on again. It fits the weather now. On a tangentially related note, once I learn Italian (on my list of languages to learn, but not under active pursuit) I'm looking forward to reading Calvino in the original. And now it's time for breakfast and a cup of hot tea.