1. Electrical and computer engineering
  2. Industrial design
  3. Product design, likely followed by a masters in mechanical engineering
  4. Chemistry and business
  5. Chemistry, hopefully followed by grad school for organic chemistry
  6. Economics
  7. Mechanical engineering, with a particular interest in robotics
  8. Biomedical engineering (this just in)

That's it so far, in order of age as best as I can remember. I'm the oldest. #3 is my brother Jason; the rest are also girls. I don't know how this happened, but oh, it makes me happy. And not just for the reasons you might immediately think - there are years and years and generations of context behind this that... well, the short version is just that it makes me happy, that's all. No expectations, no cheering, no pressure  - just a quiet moment and a nod.

The world changes, a little bit at a time.