Following up on Eric's post on limesurvey packaging help (we also need it for zikula)...

If you'd like to help, don't know how to package, but want to learn, there are a bunch of us in the same or close-to-the-same situation (me, Karsten, Matthew Daniels, Aaron Clark, etc...) trying to get a Learn To Package! week together - join us in Fedora Classroom if you're interested; we're discussing it on the mailing list now, and here's the thread.

Now, a week of learning-how-to-package stuff won't make experienced packagers just like that. And to be completely honest, this might not help us out tremendously right now. But we will need to fine-tune, tweak, revise, and launch v.2.0 of all these sites at some point in the future, and capacity-building for that day is a Very Good Idea. Plus there's always more packaging to be done.

Also - if you can package and want to teach others how to package so we can tackle this stuff so you don't have to, please please please please join the Classroom list discussion and let us know.