MWAHAHAHA! FUDCon accounting is FINISHED! FINISHED, I tell you! Lesson learned: I can be neurotic about numbers when necessary, but I prefer it to not be necessary.

I've been working today to the strains of Sting's new album, If On A Winter's Night (thanks, Sebastian!) I love Lullaby for an Anxious Child and will likely be trying to pick it out the next time I pick up my guitar. Got some marketing stuff to finish up, then a scholarship to put up and some meeting notes to transcribe - if I do that, I'll be in great shape for the day.

I've also been given two abrupt "You're Doing Too Much, Mel" lessons by having Istanbul, then Scribefire, crop up with bugs that made me lose my work - only to realize that I didn't actually need to do those things, and was perhaps trying to hand-hold too much (something I try like the blazes to avoid - the line between "helpful guidance" and "suffocating under overly detailed instructions" is apparently one that I'm not particularly aware of once I click into DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! mode.

I'm slowly developing the ability to run rampant in superproductive hyperfocus flow mode while simultaneously being aware of and in control of my actions. Emphasis on the word "slowly" - right now I've only really gotten to the point where I recognize that I do have superproductive hyperfocus flow mode and that this capacity is usually shamefully wasted because of my lack of ability to be aware of and in control of that mode when I'm in it, but... sometimes uncovering the bug is the hardest part, y'know? (I've been working on this particular one for a couple years.)