One of the things I'm looking forward to getting back into for the 6 months while I actually have a stable (ish) location (which I'll travel from frequently, but... still!) is playing music with other people.

License Server was our band in college. The full name is actually License Server Hates You, named because Sibelius kept going down (this was before our discovery of things like lilypond). From left to right: Matt Tesch on guitar (and sometimes trombone), Eric Gallimore on percussion, our vocalist Amanda Clement (nee Blackwood), myself on keyboard, and DJ Gallagher as our bassist.

We didn't perform much - and we only performed at Olin - but jamming at our practice sessions (inevitably in the middle of the night after everyone finished their meetings) is still a series of some of my favorite college memories. This photo was taken in the midst of a Muse cover ("Time Is Running Out") which explains the costumes, which... I still don't understand. I do remember that my hair doesn't stay spiked regardless of the amount of gel applied. We may have been shooting for "goth," but I don't think we quite made it.

It would be fun to do something like that again. Matt's in grad school in PA and Eric lives out on the Cape, Amanda's married and DJ is out in the 'burbs and I'm not even in town half the time, so the likelihood this particular group will reform is low, but I'm sure I can figure out something - I'm keeping an eye open for opportunities for musical foolings-around.