I have a car (hello 1993 Lexus SC430 with the dashboard light I need to fix!) and it needs to get from Illinois to Massachusetts. Consequently, in about 7 hours, I'll be on the road heading down approximately this route. The exact route goes to/from specific houses in each of the three cities, but it's close enough for route and time estimating purposes.

Naturally, my mother didn't want me making the drive alone, so she is coming with me (thanks, Mom!). We leave Chicago on Saturday morning and plan on a leisurely 2-day jaunt, probably stopping somewhere around the OH/PA border Saturday night and hitting DC on Sunday shortly after lunch. I'll work from DC on Monday, then we'll head up to Boston and arrive there Tuesday night (I'll time my driving shifts so I can still make all my meetings, we'll drive early in the morning, etc... it will work out). Then I'll have 2 days in Boston to settle back in and make sure everything's lined up for FUDCon, and then I hop the FUDBus to Toronto...

What this means is that I've got over 27 hours worth of roadtrip scheduled between now and next week. Add another 8 or so hours for the ride back from Toronto to Boston on Tuesday after next, and... y'know, I might just bike in Boston, even if it is Boston in December, when I get back, because I'll have spent So Much Time In Motor Vehicles at that point. Unless it's snowing. In which case I'll be glad I have something with ABS to get me to the office. Theoretically, I could bike 35 miles to the office in a Massachusetts winter, but... I like spending more time working than commuting rather than the other way around, and I also like being alive, so... car!

BONUS: I will finally get to bring my cello to Boston, where there's a chance I might actually start playing it again.