What has the media been saying about F12? Check out the Fedora 12 press archive table to find out. If you find an article that isn't on the table, please add it to the wiki page to help us keep track of F12 press!

If you're interested in keeping up with the press in as close to realtime as possible, we're also announcing articles we find on the fedora-marketing-list mailing list with the subject tag [in the news] for easy filtering.

Finally, if you'd like to join us in planning our Marketing efforts for F13, we're collecting ideas between now and our December 8th meeting (immediately after FUDCon). Join the conversation on the mailing list, or if you just want to drop in a brainstorm, open a new ticket in the queue with your ideas (FAS login needed). Here are some of the ideas we have so far.

Original"Newsboy" photo by KellyB, licensed CC-BY.