Figured I'd post this warning in case folks were trying to find me: my flight from the Philippines back to the US has gotten shuffled around, so after two hours of going back and forth between various airlines, I'll be embarking on a lovely 48-hour trip back home which features such delightful things as 9-hour layovers and did I mention only one of my flights has food included? (Actually, the flight-shuffling and the Travel Schedule of Doom isn't so bad; the family fussing over such drove me to the point where I declared myself non-interruptible, went into a bedroom, closed the door, Dealt With Stuff, and then rejoined humanity).

Consequently, my functionality between now and reaching Chicago will be somewhat questionable. I'll start being reachable again for sure during US Thursday daylight hours. Will start being reachable and functional/coherent during US Friday normal work-hours (...such as I have them). The next time I go to a POSSE, it will not be during the last throes of a Fedora release. I'm actually grinning as I write this - I'm not pissed or anything. Just... tired, and storing up my reserves because I know the travel's going to wear me out even more. (I have no idea how "tired" on the Mel scale maps to anyone else's scale, mind you. It seems to mean that I'm walking around like a normal human being instead of running around like a maniac, and sleeping 6 hours a night. Weird.)

Plenty of stuff I should write about when I get back - had a wonderful time with the Filipino Ambassadors last night (thank you, Herson, Engels, and Magie!), got some fast food with a couple really cool nuns on the way to Tanay, was thoroughly stuffed with way too much food, saw Willison get married, heard some family stories I hadn't heard before, caught up on several thousand (almost there!) emails, and generally reflected on the inadequacy of my current keeping-up-whilst-travelling strategies, which will be revised next weekend with the help of my little brother, who tends to be a good sport for these sorts of conversations. We're also going to do a Finish Those Grad School Applications!!! marathon (me for Engineering Education, him for an MBA*) together and I'm taking him out for his first beer flight (he turns 21 this coming weekend).

*my brother is a good boy.

Anyway. Any online-ness or productivity from me between now and Thursday is a bonus, though I'll try.