I just sent this to the POSSE APAC attendees (weeklong bootcamp for university lecturers who are going to teach their students open source participation - this week's POSSE focused on the Fedora Project) and thought others might be interested in reading logs - I ended up being too hosed this week to make as many live updates as I'd have liked, but most of this weekend/Monday/Tuesday will be gathering those materials and starting to do some follow-up. Stay tuned.

As a side note to those reading logs - I'd read the fedora-websites one, followed by the logs from Thursday and Friday, and then look at the Monday or Tuesday logs for comparison to see the difference in the conversation.

Dear everyone,

I will write up more notes and emails once I reach the Philippines later today (I have to take the taxi to my plane now), but I wanted to say a big *THANK YOU* to all of you for taking the time to spend the week with us at POSSE. I've learned a tremendous amount from you on how to teach open source.

It was inspiring to see how willing you were to try new things (even an unfamiliar way of learning) and how quickly you picked up on it. I have no doubt that you will all be amazing ambassadors for open source when you go back to your schools and students and classrooms. If there is every anything that we can do to help us, let us know.

IRC logs for the #teachingopensource-posse channel this week:

And from our Fedora Websites exercise on Tuesday:

See you online - I'm looking forward to working with all of you more in the Teaching Open Source community!