Dear Planet bloggers: How do you learn how to read and make sense of - and write - good blog posts for an open source project's planet?

We're in the middle of a POSSE in Singpaore, and some of the attending lecturers have started blogging - here they are describing some confusing issues running Fedora 11 in virtualbox, asking for help understanding wireshark error messages and questions about why open source community members blog. We've also got a few lecturers who haven't yet started posting, but will shortly, so stay tuned!

We need to work out some FAS group membership stuff, but should be
getting them on Planet Fedora and Planet TOS sometime today. Also, be aware that for the most part, English is not their first
language - though that's actually pretty cool, because we might start
seeing multilingual blogs pop up as they go back to their classrooms
and get their students involved.

If you have a moment, please check out their posts and leave a comment, especially if you can answer some of their questions or point them in the direction of an answer. I want to show them how blogging can help other people find out what they're up to - and how it can also help them find out what their students are up to.

Writing progress notes on blogging, IRC, and wiki usage on the board - for people who are becoming open source contributors for the first time, these tools make for a strange new world indeed.