I have no idea what I did today; it all blurs together in a happy mélange of marbles, soccer tutorials from a 6-year-old, 35mm camera talk over dinner, chopping avocados, and a lazy, warm, extended afternoon nap spent drifting in and out of consciousness and idle thought with little indication of where one stopped and the other began. Mmm. Good glory, but the kids have grown. And I think Audrey spent most of the day either on my lap or trying to get there - one wonders how much longer this will last. Small children don't stay small forever, and I'm glad to glimpse the growth I can.

The previous evening was also awesome. Got off my delayed plane and hightailed it to Mo's apartment, where we did some usability stuff, during which point in time David joined us, and then we went and got some Indian food for dinner.

Mo (looking at the menu item I was planning on getting): That's a lot of food.
Me: Good.
Mo: It feeds, like, three people.
Me: Yeah, that sounds about right.

At some point, for fun, I should track what I eat for a week - and also clip on a pedometer. I wonder if my appetite is due to high metabolism, if I eat a normal amount but just distribute the dining differently across meals (I can eat vast quantities of food, but can also just as obliviously skip meals for a day or two because I don't realize I should stop concentrating on something), or because I run around a lot while not-sleeping, or... something. Oh, I'm going to miss this ability when I get older and (presumably) lose it.

I'll look at my to-do list again in the morning. It was nice to put everything on pause for a bit; I can't do it very frequently, nor sustain it very long, but that makes it all the cooler when I do manage to pull it off.