Oh wow. I'm actually able to sleep now after quite some time on the road and without a proper night's rest (1.5 hours is too little even for me). Before I pass out, a few stray bits to write to disk so that I don't forget...

  1. unblock Fedora Insight completely. I've done an awful job the past 3 weeks of constantly articulating open tasks and now it's coming back to bite me - I need to start shouting very loudly and doing very rapidly, though I hate operating in crunch-time mode when I could probably have avoided it. If you're reading this before I wake up and want something to dive in on, here are the FI tickets, here is a package that needs fixing/review, and we need to nail down the "get everything settled on staging" process so that we can pull the lever on production this week.
  2. List out all Fedora Marketing deliverables remaining for F12 and figure out completion status, next-actions, blockers remaining to clear, and responsible parties. Start looking ahead to FUDCon, F13, maybe F14 - now that we have the chance to plan ahead, what kinds of things might we begin to think about doing?
  3. Make sure to take some time for myself to settle back and clear my mind and form a solid picture of "community work" in my head - it comes together faster and faster every time I try to conceptualize it, but the pieces still take time to fiddle themselves into place; it's still a new idea I haven't internalized to the point of automation, which is quite nice because it's easier to play with the thought and reconfigure it, but does take some planning ahead.
  4. Similarly, wrap up POSSE in my mind, so I can share that with others.
  5. Remember: the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Right now, I'm going to hit the pillow - maybe this time I'll get more than 6 hours of sleep, which would be an unusual triumph. It's been a good day; I'm physically just a bit tired, and the thinking part of my brain is still rattling around at a million miles per hour, but there's definitely another part of my brain (not the thinking part; I'm not sure what to call it) that's just wiped. Ah, sleep is going to be so sweet tonight - I'm usually not tired enough to appreciate this, so this is wonderfully strange for me.