Wonderful day today. First the Green Festival with Erin Dowd, who has the kind of viewpoint on credentialism that I've been struggling to get in my own brain for years; the festival itself had free food samples, so I was exceedingly pleased. Then dinner at Gallaudet with pika's Ian Smith, who I wish I'd known when we were both kids; it would have been a riot to have another preteen hard of hearing geek to take apart a TTY with. We're close in age (I'm nearly a year older) and grew up less than half an hour away from each other, but just had no idea. Good food, good friends, good conversations - everything I could ask for on an off-day.

Listing this out for my own benefit - my plane's a 5:25am flight and the supershuttle to the airport is coming by sometime between 2:55-3:10am (public transit here sleeps at night; it's one thing I miss about NYC). Before then, I ought to...

  1. pay rent
  2. do laundry
  3. pack
  4. sleep

Everything else can be ignored until I'm off the plane; it sounds like Karsten and I will have a bit of down time between arriving at RDU and the start of CommArch festivities, so I'll probably use that time to (1) run around like a maniac, since I'll have been cooped up on a plane, and (2) make sure personal/family stuff is all set 'till the weekend, and (3) make sure Fedora Marketing (specifically, FI), FUDCon, POSSE, and the contents of my overloaded inbox are also set 'till the weekend. The first is to calm me down somewhat; the other two are to let me have a wonderfully distraction-free week. Boy am I rapidly learning to deal with my perfectionism.

I will not have a bass this week, which makes me sad. I was supposed to be able to get my fretless 5-string travel bass from the shop before I left Chicago on Thursday, but the factory delivered the wrong (fretted) bass to the shop, and then delivery of the proper bass somehow got delayed, so it looks like I will get my bass on Halloween. Oh well. It can come out to Singapore with me.

I think that I am going to try to enforce September's "6 hours of sleep a night" experiment this week (with the full knowledge that I probably won't be able to sleep for 6 hours, but I need to make sure I budget my time so that I can). Rest is extremely good for me, and I'll be getting little enough of it this month that I should rein myself way back below what I think my capacity actually is; I often operate (in terms of energy-level rationing) with very little margin, and I wonder what it is like to not do that.

Ok! Getting through that list so I can get a little bit of sleep tonight. Laundry takes time to do.