Warren reports this Tui Na place in Waltham is a good, deep, painful, but extremely beneficial process to go through. I'm going to need to jackhammer out impending RSI doom shortly - I feel the very, very early warning twinges creeping up and am now being super-careful. Today's lunch break will be a long and painful (but in that "it hurts because it's good for you" way) Rolfing session in Evanston, thanks to Donald graciously agreeing to fit a nomadic hacker in at the last minute.

If (when?) my current keyboard gives up the ghost, I'm going to spring for a Microsoft bluetooth mobile keyboard 6000; it's the only split-angled portable wireless keyboard I can find. I gotta say, of all the ergonomic keyboards that I've tried, the MS Natural 6000 still remains my favorite for the simple reasons that it (1) fits in my backpack and (2) does not cause me severe pain when I get into my "let me hyperfocus and become oblivious to the passage of time through several meals now" modes. It is expensive, though, which is why I am glad I will probably not need to get it for a while; my 6000 appears to be holding up just fine. Saves time on a buying decision when the time comes, though. Perhaps I plan things too far in advance.

(Huh, my thinking is scattered today, and I'm writing with a swagger; must lie down and think that out for a while tonight before I go to sleep.)

My bass is still not here. Sadness! I'm hoping to bring it to Raleigh so I can keep playing music in the evenings; I've been humming and memorizing bass lines all week. Dear travel 5-string fretless, where are you?

I ate dinner (eggplant parmesan) on a swingset, having stopped off at a nearby park to finish off my leftovers from last night. It was a giant swingset, too; I haven't swung that high in... oh, maybe a year. And the swing was high enough off the ground that I didn't need to awkwardly contort my legs at every down-swoop. Then I drove to the Indiana Dunes, which were on the way back home, clambered up the largest dune I could find, and watched the sun set behind Chicago from the other side of Lake Michigan.

Perhaps my mom is right about my old shoes; they do have holes in them, and when you climb a sand dune with shoes with holes, you end up with miniature sandboxes on your feet. Maybe I should either sew them up or chuck them and swap to an older pair of sneakers sans holes (I wear one pair of shoes at a time until they fall apart). Maybe I should... acknowledge that my spending habits can change now, and get another pair of shoes. We'll see how much time I have tomorrow, and how I feel about it when I wake up. There is still sand in my shoes. It's wet sand, so it won't all come out right now. But the dunes were more than worth it. (If you are the faintest bit interested in photography/art-in-general and up in northern Indiana, GO SEE THE DUNES AT SUNSET. I've also been told they're eerily beautiful in the dead of winter.)

Yep, definitely brainscattered. Well... a space heater should fix that soon - I know from large amounts of data starting in high school that my ability to regulate my body temperature goes down when I get tired, and warming myself up seems to have a "even if tired, can haz ease brain down into a gentler landing" effect (not as well corroborated as the "when tired, gets cold" thing, though).

Ah. The room is warm. Lovely. It's time for bed.