• GMAT scores came in. I wonder how my cousins feel about theirs, 'cause theirs are the important ones; they're actually applying for their MBAs, I took the test for fun and comradeship, and now owe Mark $250 - that was expensive fun, but worth it if they go to grad school in something they love.
  • And so did my other smartglove (combo wristbrace/wristrest; wonderful for laptop use)
  • My bass guitar did not (must call the shop tomorrow)
  • Made Thursday appointment for what promises to be a painful-yet-very-good-for-me working-out of some of my knotted muscles; RSI is something that I'm just going to have to manage for the rest of my life, since I show no signs of slowing down my keyboard use anytime soon. Trying to stretch and rub them out before Thursday lunchtime to help that process along somewhat. It's nice to be able to monitor your RSI and know what each stage of signals means, so that you don't go beyond the very beginnings EVER AGAIN SO HELP ME GOD.
  • Tried something called a Scottish Egg. Hardboiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded, deep-fried, and served with ranch dressing. With a menu description like that, I couldn't not get it. It was pretty good - but one has to wonder about the thought process that led someone to come up with that dish in the first place.
  • pulled midnight shift again; still not done with everything on my to-do list; need improved prioritization skills. (No worries about burning out; I'm doing this because I need to do stuff! and did not feel like resting yet.)

I could keep going, but I've finally reached the point where I do feel like resting now, and therefore have some chance of sleeping, so let's try that for a couple hours.