To the current Olin students who've discovered my old blog posts: the comments are even better. Pay particular attention to Kim's note, as at the time her class was the only batch of alumni out in The Real World.

Commenters in order:

  • Nikki Lee '10
  • Boris Dieseldorff '09
  • Matt (I don't recall which Matt, but I think this was someone from either '07 or '08)
  • Mel Chua '07
  • Kim McCraw '06
  • Matt (Colyer '07, I think)
  • Marco Morales '11
  • Hari Iyer '11
  • Mel Chua '07

I think that "who we are and what Olin stands for" is one of those $sum_{olin=c/o'06}^{olin=c/o'infty}smartness ggg smartness-of-any-individual$ (translation key for the non-LaTeX-initiated) things. Thanks to Hari for bringing this up, and to everyone on Thinktank for reminding me of why I love my alma mater; the phoenix is in great hands.