No, I don't plan on applying for an MBA program.

  1. Because my cousins wanted to take it, but for various reasons weren't getting a round tuitt.
  2. Because it seemed like fun.
  3. Because I'm curious how the evaluation is designed, from an education research standpoint.

Mostly #1, really. I think that being a catalyst is the only way I really know how to lead... if you want someone else to do something, do it yourself first. And you never know; it might be useful down the line; I'm not sure if I'll need those scores in order to audit a marketing class (for more Fedora Marketing-fu) in the spring somewhere or what-have-you.

PS: I think I'm done with "publish publish publish!" mode for now - I need to go back and respond to all of the replies I've gotten in the past few days, and Do Some Stuff before I yammer on more.