I just discovered xargs. With that, I think I've got enough queued up for another workflow hack weekend - haven't had one of those in a while.

On my list of things to do:

  1. Install the irssi plugins various people have suggested.
  2. Trick out my vim; go through vimtutor, learn some shortcuts, put in a nice theme, get expansion of fixed text working.
  3. Set up my homedir to pull all its stuff from git checkout. I've been incrementally moving towards having my life in version control for perhaps a year now, and it's been a good practice for me to continue - even if I never reach full VCS-age, it's making me clean up my workflow considerably.
  4. See again about switching from Thunderbird to offlineimap + mutt - I suspect this isn't actually going to happen (despite the awesomeness of vim text expansion) because, the more I think about it, the more I like being able to see my lists of subject lines in a pane alongside the message, and... well... ah, I should try it for a week and see.
  5. List (and centralize, where possible) my ticket queues.
  6. Mess around with xargs and whatever other cool command-line things I can find. I'd like to do GUI-Free-Week again someday, just to see how I fare this time around.
  7. See if I can switch from lettermelater back to a simple crontab with a bunch of mail commands; this is what I used in high school to send my parents letters home every once in a while - autogenerated from one of several default templates - so they wouldn't bug me so much. I think I will have to use offlineimap to make this work. (I'm certainly not running a mail server on my laptop.)

That's a pretty decent todo list; not sure what I'll get through, but we shall see.