Got my new work laptop this morning. Went "WHEE!" and then proceeded to use my old broken x61 for the rest of the day because (1) my x200 didn't have an OS on it yet, and (2) I though "eeeeeh, it has no optical drive, I'll need to make a liveusb, it'll take a while, blah blah blah, let me do that later tonight at the hotel."

So I work, and then I go back to the hotel, and sit down and start in on Operation: Making The x200 Useful. After spending an hour  trying to figure out how to create a liveusb on a 1gb thumbdrive (the only one I've got), downloading the F11 iso, running the requisite scripts, etc. and cursing "no space left on device" errors and mounting into higher and higher levels of ridiculousness trying to think of a workaround...

...I realize that my x200 came with a docking station that has a CD drive, and that there was a giant box labelled "FEDORA LIVECDS" (or similar enough to be the same thing) on the shelf above Max's desk.

Yup. Guess I know what the first thing I'll do tomorrow morning is, then.

Name suggestions for the new laptop welcomed. The old one is bandersnatch; the prior one (my much-suffering Dell) was jubjub-bird, and before that I had a desktop called tumtum-tree... but I need a new naming scheme, because that poem is only so long.