Linux Pro Magazine (LPM) has proposed to make a special Fedora print issue for F12 - thousands of magazines out on news stands internationally with an F12 DVD tucked inside. This would be very, very cool. We're trying to figure out whether this is possible, whether we should do it, and (if both of those are "yes"), how the balance of work would be distributed.

We'd love your thoughts and feedback. This is moving quite rapidly (it first came up on Wednesday afternoon; we need to give a yes or no for F12 next week), so I've summarized the current state of things on a Fedora print magazine wikipage. We would particularly love your ideas for the balance of contribution between the Fedora commuity, LPM, and Red Hat.

Rikki Kite from LPM is being absolutely awesome about transparency for this entire process and has made a version of the LPM proposal for public consumption - between that and the Fedora print magazine wikipage, that's all the information anybody has on this, minus financials and circulation numbers.

If you have any questions, please add them to the queue - myself, Max Spevack, Karsten Wade, and David Nalley will be calling Rikki and the folks at LPM tomorrow (Friday), so that'll be a first chance (definitely not the last!) to get some of these questions answered.

PS: One of the most surprising things I've learned in the last 24 hours is that the good folks down in LATAM are already doing a Fedora magazine Ambassadors rock.