...and totally blow my mind (and, when I recover, rock my world) simply by doing so.

http://www.hackabilityblog.com - I view ability hacking like any other kind of hacking - you've got an itch, you scratch it. One of my itches happens to be "I can't hear stuff." Liz uses crutches. FOR AWESOME. Why this is my kind of blog:

Does this funny way I thought of to use a spatula “count” as a hack?
Hell yeah! We want a range of hacks from “handy way to use a piece of string” to “blueprints and CAD files for jetpack”.

Why should I give away my ideas for free?
Because your invention will reach more people. It will help empower people with disabilities as part of the independent living movement. It might help free someone from life in an institution, or from poverty and dependence on others to provide them with overpriced mobility equipment that no one will fix. Ideally, your plans and how-tos will be translated into many languages, and will spread to many different countries and populations. The DIY hack ability approach might turn out to be good for people with disabilities in the developing world.

Hoo-yah. I'll be writing up my hacks here for sure.

Geek women who give fashion advice to other geek women. I feel silly admitting this, but sometimes, not knowing how to dress in anything other than a t-shirt and jeans and broken-in sneakers does bother me. This happens very rarely, usually around the time of occasions where I am not allowed to wear my usual hacker uniform and find myself completely at a loss. Since it seems like dressing-up occasions are unavoidable if I wish to consume my family's holiday dinners, see friends get married, etc., I'd like dressing-up occasions to be times of joy, not pain. (Or at least not of extreme pain; I'd settle for that.)

I look forward to (once again) tackling this problem with my female hacker buddies (and any guy hacker buddies who like staying up to date with womens' fashion - though I certainly do not). I look forward to this in the same way I look forward to being vaccinated; not getting measles is good, and being able to comfortably and appropriately attend social functions is also good, and I might as well try to have as much fun as possible in the process.

Amusing moment: at the end of POSSE, when Red Hat t-shirts were being distributed, I reached the pile and discovered a choice between XL and XXL shirts. There is a picture somewhere of me attempting to wear an XL shirt; this picture could be captioned "badly-cut tunic" as the shirt reaches my knees... cutting down (X)XL shirts to sizes that fit me is possibly the strongest motivation I will ever have to learn how to sew.