Actually from last night; actual posting was interrupted by small child.

Via Becky Scholl Hayden:

The Transcriptional Repressor DEC2 Regulates Sleep Length in Mammals: We have identified a mutation in a transcriptional repressor (hDEC2-P385R) that is associated with a human short sleep phenotype. Activity profiles and sleep recordings of transgenic mice carrying this mutation showed increased vigilance time and less sleep time than control mice in a zeitgeber time– and sleep deprivation–dependent manner.

This completely made my day; I think we both had a good laugh over it.

Completely unrelated topic: I've missed a house stuffed to the gills with people. Huge dinners with mishmashes of pitched-in food, overlapping instrumentation (simultaneously playing piano and teaching guitar), sitting on the sofa with two cousins giggling wildly as they paint my toenails alternating red and glitter-green. (It makes them happy, and I know where the bottle of non-acetone remove-this-stuff-zomg-now solution is.)

Completely unrelated topic: Matt Ritter, you are awesome. I got back from the Freedom Trail today to find my inbox utterly stuffed with marketing resources. (Matt is my roommate and works for an urban sustainability venture capital firm.)

Completely unrelated topic: Putt-Putt Enters The Race has just demonstrated that my 5-year-old cousin has better hand-mouse-eye coordination than I do. I've also been told that I am "okay on the wii, for a grown-up." (Hey, I fell off the edge of Rainbow Road far less frequently the 2nd time I played it. Give me some credit, guys. I'm learning this.)

Ok, lunch over; deliverable-crankin' time... and where is that nail-polish remover?