Just switched my laptop over to the POSSE remix, and... hot diggety. F11 boots like a buttered cheetah with frickin' rockets strapped to its back. Octave and Eclipse are ready to go. All right, I switched from xchat-gnome to xchat2. And nm-applet appears to dislike VPN, though I need to dig a bit more and find out why; after installing NetworkManager-vpnc, I can configure VPN but not connect to it, and the applet when I cancel editing a connection. Must debug. Or really, if I'm going to be efficient, I should just see helpdesk first thing tomorrow morning.

Saw Duke's campus today - hung out in the student center, walked around, played a random Steinway piano (pretty resonance across the building I was in). This after extended (separate) conversations with Alyshia and Michael, both of which were quite enlightening for very different reasons.

Yesterday was also great; there was a country music festival in the park I happened to walk by on my way to multiple bookstores. Of course, I spent a lot more time in bookstores than I'd planned. I always plan to spend more time in bookstores than I've planned... and when I got lost on the way back I ended up watching two back-to-back improv shows (one short form, one long form) instead. They were extremely well done, and if I ever live in the area for any reason, I'm totally training at comedyworx. Improv theatre, I miss thee. ('course, if I stick around Boston and travel less, I'll see if I can train at ImprovAsylum. But fixing some things (like my hands and shoulders) first.

Speaking of which, sleeping is good for me.