What are we doing to do today, Brain? The same thing we do every day, Pinky. *cue theme music*

  1. Photograph and send NECC receipts
  2. File (and photograph and send) this trip's receipts so far
  3. Go on my traditional "I'm In A New City! Let's Take A Bookstores Tour!" tour
  4. ...ending at Duke's campus
  5. ...and possibly a jazz club if I can actually find one tonight.

And then the second shift of "Mel stays awake extra as long as the majority of people sleep":

  1. Back up my laptop (mostly done)
  2. Wipe out my laptop and install Sebastian's F11-based POSSE spin instead. Yep, I'm going to be using the POSSE spin as my OS until F12 comes out - if we're going to be giving this to students, I'd better know what you can do with our default set of cool things, so we can come up with a cooler v.1.1 with a better default set of cool things.
  3. Reconfigure my laptop.

I have some thoughts on the latter that I should actually ask the Fedora community about. Posting there in a moment.