Photos courtesy of Ian Weller and Christian Jacobsen. Thanks, guys!

For those who aren't at POSSE but are thinking of running or attending one next year, here is our SETUP OF AWESOMENESS.

Projectors: one on each side of the room. You can see Chris Tyler on the right and his projector in the back (with Fardad Soleimanloo watching) here: on the other side of the Big Round Table (cobbled together from multiple rectangular tables) is Dave Humphrey and a projection of his laptop on the opposite wall. This was especially fantastic for when they demoed IRC, because you could see what it looked like for people on both sides of the conversation.

The professors immediately (as in, "within 20 minutes of sitting down to dinner Sunday night") started talking with each other instead of to us (Red Hat people). This is a MASSIVE WIN. However, it's always nice to have folks like Max Spevack (standing) and Greg DeKoenigsberg in the back corner... probably thought I was going to say something like "just in case," but actually, "so we can learn from what the POSSE profs are doing" is more accurate. For instance, here's Matt Jadud demoing his project to The Greg. (Yeah, okay, this photo wasn't taken today; Greg has a different shirt on.)

To keep track of where people are in terms of what they're learning, there's a giant sticky note coordinate plane. The vertical axis is experience; the horizontal one is knowledge. The goal is to move everything to the upper right corner. Each sticky note has a professor's name and a skill (like blogging, building, packaging, or IRC). Matt Jadud again, pointing at his blogging-fu:

And whiteboards. Lots of whiteboards. Whiteboards photographed by Ian. Seriously, I'm not sure I could have documented this week by myself - between the two of us, we're blogging, microblogging, taking pictures, running the video camera... (Note: if you run a POSSE, document it! DOCUMENT IT!!!) (Also, the Open/Hosed sign is mine.)

Finally, I... guess I'm still a student at heart, because I've been far too overjoyed at seeing professors do homework than I perhaps should be. Here's Ian Weller and Kent Palmer tooling late into the night at our hotel.