I haven't updated much about what it's like in SFO. So before I pass out and/or my battery dies (it's a coin toss as to which will give out first; power or willpower)...

  • Warm.
  • I love my brother. I love that I can get to know him as one adult to another now - it's nice to grow up with someone, except... I didn't really. Our teenage years were spent apart because I was away for school, so I'm getting to know him all over again now.
  • Jason (brother), Brian (Jason's roommate) and I went on a pig-out fest one night, my thank-you to them for letting me sleep on their couch cushions on the floor in my sleeping bag. (Hey. I travel cheap, okay?) In 1 night, we hit 4 restaurants. We were... full. Chocolate souffle is heavenly. Frozen yogurt with figs, honey, walnuts, and graham crackers, too. And the pizza at the dive bar was surprisingly amazing. Fish tacos and beer (for me) at the fish taco place... wings at the pizza place, too... I think I'm still digesting Tuesday's meal right now.
  • Why is my mom visiting me during a business trip? This wasn't my idea, by the way. I told her about my upcoming travel, like I always do, and she decided, at the very, very last minute (she arrived Thursday evening)  to book tickets to Stanford to coincide with mine. I mean, I like hanging out with my family and I'm not complaining that I get to see her and my brother after work (and they've been good about not fussing about me spending time in the office Doing Stuff, because I've been very firm that work is what this trip is for), but, but... I can't help but feel a little mortified. Maybe that's the remannts of pride that shouldn't exist. Karsten, Addi, and Emma think the whole situation is hilarious. I have been told "not to stay out too late on Saturday." I am not sure if I can follow these instructions.
  • Warm!
  • Stanford's campus is gorgeous. Also the houses on its land. And it has a lot of land.
  • Sun!
  • Bike lanes are everywhere!
  • Grad program intriguing and more cross-disciplinary than I'd previously thought - win!
  • View from Red Hat office windows is drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Warm!

There ya go.