I'm a bit disappointed with myself this week. I...

  1. enthusiastically overdid the typing, causing my hands to flare up for two days
  2. ate junk food unconsciously because I was with friends, and felt bleargh afterwards
  3. spent too much money on aforementioned food
  4. crashed my bike and busted a tube
  5. got distracted by a social life in unplanned ways
  6. piled too many small tasks on without breathing or prioritising them
  7. didn't track all my work

On the other hand, I...

  1. adjusted to the flare-up by scaling back computer use and finding non-typing ways to work on my projects (reading, talking with people, learning context/history)
  2. realized the junk food thing and fixed it
  3. ibid
  4. controlled the crash and matter-of-factly continued on, sans whining
  5. had a social life, and got to spend two evenings with family before they left for China, and was useful there
  6. can fix that now
  7. got a lot more done than I probably realize

This coming week, I ought to...

  1. religiously rest and treat my arms
  2. try to be as vegan as possible on the road (I know I won't be, but limiting myself to one heavy or non-vegan meal a day and ruling out caffeine and soda ought to help) and see if this keeps me more steadily going in the midst of trave
  3. not. spend. money.
  4. fix my bike
  5. leave space for hanging out with people, which I will want to do (meeting Luke IRL for the first time, yay!)
  6. breathe and prioritize tasks before the week begins, and every evening before sleeping, which includes dropping things I can't do rather than just adding to the pile.
  7. track everything in my notebook, and upload that notebook to The Interwebs each night.

Before I hit the plane tomorrow, I should...

  1. pack - being sure to put in books and RSI stuff, and plenty of camera memory
  2. print my trip agenda (tickets, boarding passes, contact #s, addresses...)
  3. ensure my NECC buddies know my trip agenda (particularly folks I'm riding or crashing with)
  4. vacuum the murph (my house duty this week)
  5. make sure the sink (my room) has a navigable floor so Matt (my roommate) won't kill me
  6. return or re

And it would be really nice, but totally nonmandatory, if I could, before I left...

  1. download Greg's textbook outline
  2. download the intern script for revising on the plane
  3. backup to git
  4. upgrade to f11 (yeah, I know... I've been slacking on the backup)
  5. set up offlineimap with thunderbird (alpine can come later)
  6. set up smw for jlaska

En route, I should...

  1. revise the intern script
  2. read and comment on Greg's textbook outline
  3. prepare a "what is POSSE?"elevator pitch
  4. prepare a "what is RH doing in education?" elevator pitch
  5. prepare the short list of questions I will interview people about
  6. make sure I have a prioritized list of projects

Upon reaching the internet that evening, I should...

  1. upload all work from airplane
  2. chillax with Mike Lee & family and Sugar Labs DC folk
  3. sleep