I'm learning how to do the things I can and let the rest go (preferably loudly announcing that some task or other isn't done if someone else would like to pick it up) and slowly starting to become okay with that. This is a good thing.

Monday night and Tuesday morning I completely overdid it. I got into the groove and started typing, and kept on typing, and kept on typing... worked all day, kept going into the night, skipping typing breaks left and right until 4:30am - when you love what you do, you jus want to keep going. In the case of wanting to heal, this is very, very stupid. Sure enough, my RSI was unhappy. I spent a decent chunk of Tuesday rubbing my muscles out; Matt gleefully described this process to friends over the phone, punctuated by the occasional "ow!" from my corner of the room. Did most of my work through conversations and on paper, and I'm ramping back into steady-state computer use again, fighting the temptation to overdo it again in the name of "catching up" (I did this a few times over spring and learned my lesson).

I went biking, hit a bad part of the road in the wrong way on a wet street, and controlled my skid and eventual crash well enough to land in the bushes with some bruises and a gash on my right wrist, which I spat on and held 'till it stopped bleeding, then patched over for the Habitat build the next day (a lot of painting, sanding, and sweeping, but they have a fresh white stairway, windowsills, and a shoe rack by the door now; also, floor tile is heavy). I also need to learn how to patch a tube.

NECC plans; POSSE work. This morning is for catching up with Websites. Extended conversations with my aunt, with Elmer (a doctor from the Philippines who's just finished up at KSG and wants to work on grassroots public health issues through schoolchildren), with old friends, trying to get my brain used to disequilibrium, and in anticipation of another glorious jump when things will once again Make Sense, but in a way I've never been able to see before - tiny paradigm shifts keep coming into my life, it's wonderful. NECC is going to be another mind-blower; CLS as well, and then POSSE, and - how much overload can my mind handle now? Sweet.

I'm wide awake and feeling good. Early wakeup (5am, to see my aunt's family off to China) and intermittent meals of nuts, dried fruit, a whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, bananas, juice, and sparkling water combined with a midday run feel good. This is particularly nice because I've been under the weather for a few of the last few days - last night I realized this generally correlated with me eating lots of heavy, greasy stuff for no good reason (other than that the food was there, and I was hungry, and was too lazy to find something healthier to eat) and so I started to stock my stomach with vegetables and brown rice and fruit and sure enough, my energy is rising again. I can notice and respond to and control this kind of thing. Win!

Ok. Finish NECC stuff, move to Websites. Go, Mel, go. Later I want to write about Elmer, about Not, and about what I learned from Jenn and Gui about dancing. But that's later.