In some ways, today started as a MEL FAIL day. I managed to somehow bump everything in my calendar an hour late (or put everything on my calendar an hour late today, or... something equally stupid and probably preventable) and realized this when I got a text from Greg asking if I was going to be in a call. Which I raced to just about in time to miss. Luckily, things ended up being okay. And the day monotonically increased from there.


  1. Mafe - a Filipino teacher-turned-IT-project-manager who, as it turns out, used to teach professors in the Philippines how to contribute to open source projects. Which sounds a bit familiar. And she wants to share her course materials. The world is small and wonderful.
  2. Orange-cranberry scones and mango-laced green tea for breakfast, a spicy Italian sausage from the jovial fellow at the Harvard T stop for lunch (I love that guy) and homemade tacos for dinner set aside for me by Lisa and Matt.
  3. Harvard yard is always a nice place to walk and think. I stopped by to pick up a book from the Coop about RSI and ended up looping most of the campus trying to unclutter my head.
  4. Getting past a total unproductivity block. See above. Matt Ritter gave me cool Timesvr ideas. He is fast asleep as I type this at 2:15am. I love my roommate.
  5. Semifunctional voice recognition on my desktop. Hands may be happier soon!
  6. Cinnamon-raisin bagel toasted with fig-cocoa mascarpone cheese for snackin'
  7. Left arm no longer feels like massive rock embedded in elbow. How did I go so long without massage therapy? ("It's, um, not supposed to be hard and making a clicky-clanky noise, huh." "Nope.") My arms are actually... warm now. Because blood is in them. Because the muscles aren't all choked. This is really weird. (Also, it hurt somewhat to coax the muscles into releasing, and residual soreness is definitely present, but it is a worthwhile tradeoff for not being cripped by RSI again.)
  8. Feeling comfortable biking! In a city! At night! (With lights and a helmet. Safety is boring, but being alive is exciting.)
  9. Henry!
  10. Jazz - at Wally's, which left me singing on my bike all the way back to pika. Excellent sax players. And the singer was incredible at getting all the players flowing and swinging together, and even got the audience into it, too! I was singing songs I didn't know, thanks to the lovely power of call-and-response.

Now it is sleepingtime, and then waking up, and then a bit more work, and then off to the office shuttlebus.