Had a fantastic Indian buffet lunch with Mo and several members of the Desktop crew today, and conversation turned to the Fedora website. It seems like the work to be done in that area is still a little... fuzzily defined, at least to me. One of the things about being a newbie is that you've got a lot of things to dive into and understand, and sometimes it's a while before you can coherently express the things you're learning in words.

But hey, who needs words when you've got whiteboards, Jessy's camera, and The GIMP?

Interpretation left as an exercise to the reader. I'm curious what thoughts people have on the fedoraproject.org website experience and how it could get better.

After drawing comics (well, okay, among other things) for work, I hopped downstairs to a shuttle bus; during the commute, my coworkers discussed the plausibility of yam-powered jetpacks. Later I walked in the door of my house to find cinnamon-dusted roasted squash waiting for me and a circle of people howling with laughter over a dramatic reading of horrendously bad sci-fi. Retiring to a squishy, overstuffed red armchair big enough for two of me to intermittently work and read jazz writing for the remainder of the evening, then - I presume - rubbing the knots out of my forearms and falling into sweet, sweet sleep under a fuzzy yellow blanket.

Life is good. Life is very, very good.