I've found myself using the Fedora wiki often enough these days that it's time to make a set of Firefox keyword shortcuts for it.

Here they are: Fedora wiki shortcuts - no need to type the full URL into your address bar again! Once you get them, you'll be able to do things like this:

  • f = Fedora Wiki - for instance, f Ambassadors will take you to Ambassadors
  • fs = Fedora Wiki search - for instance, fs Foo will take you to Special:Search?search=Foo
  • fg = Fedora Wiki google search - for instance, fg Documentation will take you to google search on this wiki for "Documentation" (I've found that google >> Mediawiki search, in general.)
  • fu = Fedora Wiki userpage - for instance, fu Mchua will take you to User:Mchua
  • ft = Fedora Wiki talkpage - for instance, ft Marketing will take you to Talk:Marketing
  • fut = Fedora Wiki user talkpage - for instance, fut Mchua will take you to User_talk:Mchua

I've done this for the OLPC and Sugar Labs wikis, and they've made my life a whole lot easier. If you take a look at those, you'll notice that the set's expanded to ticket trackers and mailing lists as well - as I move into that stuff, I'll update this list, and when I think it's reached a reasonably complete state, I'll package it up. 'Course, people are welcome to beat me to this at any time. ;-)