Hm. Hyperfocusing is becoming a problem again. I retain every bit of my old ability to zone in so much I work with lousy posture while forgetting what time it is. I think part of this is my perfectionism, too - the interrupt for my hyperfocus routine is "have reached goal!" except that far too often, "goal!" is out of the loop's range, so it runs forever (or until system crash).

I'll try something that Hari described to me tomorrow - relax for odd hours, work during even hours. Except I'm going to do "no keyboards during odd hours, typing ok during even hours." Exceptions made for scheduled meetings.

Experiments. They're fun.

Ah! And Not is here tonight! She's visiting from Abu Dhabi and it's great to see her for the first time in many months. Also, homemade vegan bagel pizzas are win.

Wednesday night is the first summer jam session at Olin. I'm not sure what instruments will be present, but it should at least be wildly entertaining, and I will learn more about this Playing Music With Other People thing.

Finally, I'm looking forward to getting my big monitor back from Nikki so that my Linux display can be proportionally ginormous. And looking forward to our room getting ethernet ports so that I can use synergy across these systems already. (I'm planning on trying Dragon Naturally Speaking on the Windows box and seeing if I can use synergy to pipe the text to Fedora in a useful way.)

The multi-OS setup is definitely making me appreciate the design choices of the software on my Thinkpad... also, it's useful for testing things like "how bad does this look in IE?" or "can Mac users actually develop for $platform_x"? Also, it's just cool.