I'm actually pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish tonight, given that I spent just a few hours on all this. (Note to self: get cleaning duties out of the way early in the week so you don't keep getting distracted by them.) Hyperfocusing occasionally leads to efficiency.

  • Piano reflections from last week blogged (with video, too.)
  • Piano practice routine for this week written out
  • My Fedora todo list is updated (here it is!) and all projects on it have moved one step forward (at least) - in particular, my Edu SIG tasks should be all done. (Yes, they are! I revamped the SIG page, started a spin roadmap, and think Sebastian totally rocks.)
  • All my computers at pika have an internet connection (Cables, power strip acquired; contractors not done working with house so we don't have outlets in our room yet. But I've gone as far as I can go.)
  • My Sugar Labs todo list is updated. (Here's the list - and I called people to help.)
  • The living room is clean (Cleaned kitchen instead; living room deferred to tomorrow on account of Vacuum Is Loud And People Are Sleeping Now.)
  • My parents have been called and appeased with the information that I am, in fact, still alive and well. (Emailed. Good enough.)

Things I did not do:

  • All POSSE stuff updated to the point where I can do no more until people reply. (Some of it has. Not all. Oh well. I wake up soon.)
  • My May finances have been totaled up (Uh... yes. I need to retrieve some paperwork from various not-at-pika drawers. I also fully recognize I am procrastinating on this because I hate doing finances. I wonder if there is a way to make myself like it, or at least dislike it less.)
  • RapidSMS checkup, group and individual updates (This is what tomorrow's bus ride is for.)
  • At least one of my inboxes is at zero. (Must figure out a realistic goal for this. I haven't found that balance yet, but it's coming.)

Things I didn't plan on doing, but did anyway:

  • Helped out with a product design / humor ideation study, which was interesting
  • Chilled with cousins, including pancakes, passport photos, and making sure Melanie and her friend got on the right train to the Commons
  • Impromptu jam session with saxophone
  • Read two books while waiting for various things to happen.
  • Did not kill my wrists! (Rubbing them out during breaks and taking long breaks is, I think, a healthy thing.)

Matt and I also hooked up the projector in our room and celebrated with a viewing of Om Shanti Om. I am not sure how Matt came to be obsessed with this musical number, but okay.

Discovered unexpected benefit of cleaning murph; extra books make fantastic monitor levelers. The Mac is sitting on two dictionaries (Webster and Random House). The Fedora-riffic Thinkpad is perched atop a couple French books, a probability text, and Our Bodies, Ourselves. The HP Vista box has Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, and The Intelligent Investor. I use the Thinkpad maybe 95% of the time right now. I'm thinking of interesting cross-platform stuff to do across all three machines.