Via Spot, a way you can know your Free or Open Source Software Project is doomed to FAIL. Amusement.

I'm back in East Boston for one last night; tomorrow I wake up ridiculously early, pack up, and move to pika for good. Departure from Raleigh was unintentionally hilarious, involving frantic text messages and Greg running after my departing car with a book. I also managed to lose my badge on my 2nd day - fixed now. (I figure it would have happened at some point this summer so it's nice to have my stupid moments early.) My plane back got delayed for a bit over 3 hours due to weather, most of that sitting on the DC tarmac squirming restlessly and wishing I had 3G, so I got back to Boston much later than expected, and am exhausted now.

When the plane did take off from DC, there was a gorgeous, bold, crisp, huge inverted rainbow swinging down over the Capitol building right before we lifted through the clouds - and then multiple discrete layers of clouds, all with distinct textures and shading...  hazy storm clouds sweeping the ground, massive purple-grey cumulonimbus floating over, then whipped-cream cumulus, then dots of... I'm sure they have a name, but they looked like small, tightly-packed cotton balls, then (very high above) some brushes of cirrus. It was almost worth the delay, just seeing that for a few minutes. It made me want to superimpose a GIMP layer palette over the whole scene and edit/modify the gorgeous clouds layer by layer, just to play (and then undo my work, because nature is a way better artist than I am).

The other side effect of the long transit delay was that I was very hungry when we finally landed. I demolished a giant sausage, a lamb kabob, bread, hot peppers, and a quarter of a monster-sized pizza (by that point I had slowed somewhat). I love having the metabolism of a teenage boy.

It's been a fantastic first week... being around the CommArch team is like drinking from a dozen firehoses at the same time. They're making me step up my game to a whole different level. I am still way too excited to actually be doing community stuff for a living. WHEEEEEEEEEokayIshouldgosleepnow. About 3 hours left before I ought to rise and pack.