I just looked up and realized

  1. it's dark outside
  2. it's 8:15pm
  3. I've been working for about 12 hours so far today, and could keep going
  4. it's my first day of actual work (before was orientation)
  5. I have just realized that I am Very Very Hungry (warning sign! must pay more attention to not hyperfocusing lest I destroy the good physical habits I've been trying to build!)

I think it is a fairly safe conclusion to say that zomg I love my summer job. "Work On Projects You Care About; Occasionally Get Paid" is turning out to be... a pretty good career (non)strategy.

Here's what I've done so far this week at Red Hat (note that since all my projects are community projects, I can and should be transparent about everything). I have pictures of stuff, too, but uploading them will have to wait until tomorrow.