Good lord my happy puppy enthusiasm goes to 11 today. "Newplacenewpeopleawesomeprojectsohboyohboyohboyohboy YAYYYY!!!!" Must occasionally remember to breathe. Red Hat intern orientation is over now, and I'm starting to Get Stuff Done (TM). More on this later when I emerge from today's meetings with a better sense of what exactly I'm doing.

It's great to be catching up with everything I've missed from being computer-crippled from RSI. Granted, I'm catching up slowly, since I'm still limiting my keyboard usage so I don't have a relapse. But I finally got to see Gary's pictures from SugarCamp Paris (it looks like great fun! I wish I'd been there - I miss everyone!) and listen to Diana's chaos variation mp3s all the way through. I haven't yet refreshed my memory on LaTeX or Scribus, but when I figure out projects I have to do anyway that I can make Better Looking Through Good Typography, that problem will be solved.

In the meantime, I will continue to approximate an overjoyed corgi who's learned how to type at 130wpm.