My Ninong (godfather) Sebastian loves his school. Over 20 years after graduating from DePaul, his passion for it is unflagging. He'll talk about the difference it's making - how they've helped a lot of first-generation college students launch careers, founded overseas entrepreneurship tracks to give bright, hard-working students overseas get a first-rate American MBA without having to leave their family halfway around the world without a breadwinner... Ninong's commitment to that school has led to a non-insignificant number of students enrolling there - and doing very, very well - directly because of him.

I want to care that much about the schools I go to. I want someone to say the same things about me 20 years from now, about how much I love Olin and IMSA. I want them to be places such that I will be that passionate about them still, decades down the road.

And since I care about them now, I'm going to work to make that happen.

That is all.