I thought this would be a good brainstorming exercise. This is a partial list; as I get used to delegating, it'll get better. (Actually, this blog is a better design notebook than any paper one I've ever had - I just need a way to sketch easily in here...)

  1. Get me off mailing lists that just won't unsubscribe me.
  2. Summarize podcasts and YouTube videos with spoken words that I can't understand (read:  nearly all of them)
  3. Call for product information / warranties (for instance, my drumset's electronics have spazzed out again.)
  4. Email me directions and store hours for local providers of some product that I want to get
  5. Monitor my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts for Critical Mass Of People That I Should Respond To Now
  6. Balance my books (enter these receipts into my system, please)
  7. Schedule appointments (meetings, talks, etc.) and remind me to prepare for them. And booking plane flights and long-haul bus/train tickets. Yay for not dealing with that stuff this summer!
  8. Find teachers for things I want to learn. Books, tutorials, and equipment, too. Like learning scouts!
  9. Evaluate (online) software for me
  10. Wake-up calls
  11. Exercise routine and piano practice inspiration emails ("training reminders"). Actually, hm. This gives me an idea.
  12. Mini-research sprints
  13. Keeping me fed with new information (pushing the books I want to read onto the Hold list for the library, then poking me to pick them up)
  14. Selling things on craigslist, ebay, amazon, etc. for me. Well, listing them, anyway.
  15. Find other, more specialized people for me to outsource bigger jobs to.