Just got back from giving 3 talks in 2 days at Rochester, headed to New York (update: now in New York, and it's great to see so many friends again!)

Many thanks to RIT for sponsoring the trip, Steve Jacobs and his family for putting me up, taking me creek-wading, and totally blowing my mind on audism, Karlie Robinson and her family for stuffing us with BBQ and great company plus a tasty farmers' market trip (also, hammocks are best used as playgrounds for 4-year-olds), and the Math4 gang for sharing their projects and learning with me and the open-source community. It was great to finally meet Fred Grose in person, too.

On my to-do list lately...

  1. Work out fingerings for Groovin' High. RH is good so far... not happy enough with LH yet, since I have yet to come back to the piano and have the fingering for that hand still memorized. Usually that's a sign I haven't got it right, since fingerings should feel natural. 
  2. Fix the new spam flood coming to my mail account. ARRGH
  3. Install Dragon Naturally Speaking. Wine didn't work. Qemu is too slow. My Thinkpad refuseth to dual-boot. I'm just going to try this on a borrowed desktop when I visit Chicago.
  4. Send thank you and follow up emails from Rochester. So much awesome!
  5. Write about entrepreneurial thought and action so I can send those notes out too.
  6. 100 push-ups and a good stretch session.
  7. Project proposal, summer-related.
  8. Set up summer appointments, contracts, jobs, the beginnings of a schedule.
  9. Find subletters. If you know anyone who'd like a 2-bedroom in Boston for the summer, let me know!
  10. Send belated rounds of thank-you presents. And when I say belated, I mean "from October."

I am checking on what it would cost to make my workstation ergonomically awesome-tastic. Right now it ranges from $0 to $1500, depending on how elaborate things get (keyboard? keyboard tray? monitor mounts? piles of books propping up screens? an actual desk instead of sitting on my bed/sofa? Dumpstering for the above?) Hands improving, though - I've used my laptop for about 6 hours over the last 2 days, with very little discomfort (and lots of awareness of the discomfort so i stopped and checked it before it could turn into pain). Win!