My brother Jason has been bitten by the design bug. After a series of happy adventures in project-based classes, he's decided to declare as an architectural design major at Stanford. I am telling him that training himself in statics and thermo and the usual basic standbys of a MechE degree is also a useful thing to do, though (mechE being the other degree he was considering). He's trying to get to Boston this summer to do some design/engineering work; I hope he makes it so we can get a place together (possibly at pika).

Cool moment: when he described to me on the phone what he wanted to do and I said "actually, there's a name for that... people make their living as experience designers," and there was silence on the other end and then a breathless "really??!!??" Boy, do I know how that kind of moment feels...

Also: a list of hacker spaces, courtesy of Chris. IMSA is going to start a bunch. I'm looking forward to that.

By the way: limited computer use does, in fact, hurt less. Sweet. Also, homemade blueberry hand pies are awesome (and by extension, Lissa rocks completely, once again).