Hands no longer in pain, but on the threshold - the "if you push the tiniest bit too much, we will make you hurt again - state. I do need to use my computer; the work is piling up from my "OW!" break this weekend. So this is what I did.

  1. Software-enforced typing break. 10 min minimum every hour.
  2. Dvorak layout only. I was cheating and qwertying and then forgetting to go back to the layout I should be using.
  3. Will either enable stylus or buy retractable mouse tomorrow; tossing little nubby thing into drawer as it's ruining my left index finger. This laptop has no trackpad.

It is a challenge to cut down my computer use and still stay connected with the communities I work with - without my computer, I can't "be there" with people, and as a community ninja that's the lifeblood of my work... what can I do? I'm even seriously pondering buying a Windows netbook for the sole purpose of purchasing and running Dragon Naturally Speaking, but that's $500 I can't afford and I'd much rather be able to do this from within Fedora.

I'm going to nip this early before I reach the point of being crippled by chronic pain. I could press on with my existing habits now and still be functional, but choose not to because I'd rather be able to grow old and still use computers, and my hands... that particular "burn bright, burn fast, be glorious and die young" thing holds no appeal.

Metabrain! Ideas! Help!