HA! I cleared my inbox today and it's only 4:18am.

...from the "you know you need to rewire your priorities when..." book of Mel Quotes

Now to post multiple meeting transcripts, conduct and write an interview, post a Boston deployments update (including the latest on project management tools), and polish my Gurufest talk. Workshop, really. But first, an hour of sleep! Because sleeping is good for you!

Like I said. Priorities. They need to be rewired a bit.

On the up side, today's lipreading workshop seemed to go well, or at least I learned stuff and nobody fell asleep. If there's interest in the comments I'll write up the material in "Mel's Lipreading Crash Course" as a blog post here. And hanging out with teachers tonight == AWESOME.

Have hours ago lost ability to regulate my body temperature. Freezing. Is time for not be conscious. English speak not Yoda when again waking.