Had a frustrating experience today that made me reflect on the possible disadvantages of having to walk around this world as a nonwhite (Asian) woman with a deaf accent who still looks like a teenager sometimes. Having mentors to vent to helps a lot; it wasn't a big deal and I'm over it now (writing this here is the last of getting it out of my system). So much world to change, so little time, so many human limitations... I'm glad so many people are working on this.

Also had a really great phone conversation with Paul Commons today. Also had Melanie's shepherd's pie - chicken, carrots, onions, cinnamon, and thyme under a mashed sweet potato crust topped with chopped leeks and melted cheddar. Ahhhh.

My hands hurt today, so I didn't practice piano or type much. Will see if I can go all-Dvorak tomorrow and limit myself to two battery-lives of this laptop - work only when unplugged, until the battery runs out - need to wait until the battery recharges fully to work again, and only do this twice.

Tomorrow: Email backlog. Cooking pika food. Music.