It is a bad idea to gash the pad of the middle finger of your dominant hand when you plan on playing piano for several hours. On a salt pour spout, of all things. Yesterday, a few hours after the cut, I was fine, sightreading swing music with happy abandon and no pain or blood (since it was a shallow, paper-cut like gash, I figured it was fine); this morning less so, and I'm going to give it a rest and wrap it up lest I start smearing blood all over the keys. I'm playing slowly today with a lot of attention to fingering... perhaps this isn't such a bad thing. I'm conscious of way different things when I play this way, sans middle finger.

Marketing meeting: check.

Pika dinner: check. Liang cooks magical chicken, a sort of braised 3-cup chicken type recipe. I reprised the roasted carrots and potatoes that had been such a hit at my aunt's, and stirfried like a maniac (hint: the secret is putting rice wine in the sauce).

Also, Mike Lee! Also also totally geeked out about posture with Nagle - it's still a surprise and a great pleasure to find friends who are intellectually curious about the same things. Also also also some things and conversations that fall into the vague category of "my future career, inasmuch as I actually think about it" stuff.

I really have to get over the "I'm not useful! People are going to have to teach me everything! I'll slow them down!" blocker that keeps me from learning something I'd like to learn. Recognizing that I can usually get on my feet pretty quickly helps. Knowing that my documentation and community facilitation skills can make me immediately useful also helps. (They still need a lot of development, but I can do things with them right away without hand-holding.)

Today I should be cleaning up my wiki profile pages (I missed that last night), cleaning up after today's SL IRC meetings, and getting a lot of deliberate piano practice in; I did daily practice this week, but need to focus on a few spots that I haven't hit yet. Namely, upper structures. There's also a proposal that I have to write and send tonight. Right now I'm off to 1cc to pick up some XOs for Olin's repair center.