Today started late (approximately 4:45pm) as I spent most of the day at my aunt's house watching snow fall. And fall. And fall and fall. And impede transportation. And fall.

Despite the late start, I did Pretty Damn Well. In addition to co-running what I will (in a very biased manner) call a wildly successful Harvard Law class (participation at an all-time high! workshop rocket pitches hilarious! speakers who talked about LOLcats! people moving to the next building after class so they could continue the discussion!)* I also cleared my entire post backlog, my online reading backlog (the equivalent of several books) and my book reading backlog (several books).

I also reduced my all-time email backlog to 288 (about half its previous size - grr getting sick and accumulating several thousand...) - I'm really slacking on the Inbox Zero thing. Ah, this is perfectionism rearing its ugly head again, that's what it is. I'll be back at Zero by the end of this Friday. I'm just going to delete the stuff I don't deal with before then.

*Have I mentioned I love designing and deploying learning experiences? Only about several million times? Oh, okay. Just... just making sure, then.

Tomorrow: marketing meeting, pika cooking, and getting my OLPC and SL wiki userpages updated. (Don't worry. By virtue of clarifying what I'm working on, I'll inevitably yak-shave and do actual work on those projects as well.) Ah yes. And piano and exercising, but I'm getting used to those by now. Well... at least the piano part.

I'm happy. I'm the second kind of tired. It's dreamtime. Take me away.