I made a set of handy Firefox bookmark shortcuts for common Sugar Labs services based on the most useful of my OLPC bookmarks. These massively speed up the rate at which I'm able to find and process information, and others have found them helpful, so I've documented them for a broader audience. Here's the full list of shortcuts; requests and suggestions for more are welcome.

I have similar quicktext autocompletes in Thunderbird, which is the secret sauce that lets me stay on top of floods of "I'm new and want to help!" emails. It lets me rapidly include things like wiki page and ticket URLs as well as longer common snips of text like "create a wiki account here, and see X, Y, and Z for tutorials on how to start editing" or "if you're new to IRC, check out these resources" and "some good getting-started projects might be foo and bar." I don't know of similar autocompletes for other mail clients, but would love to be able to do this within pine or mutt (bonus points for autocomplete within the browser or the desktop, so that I could - for instance - autoexpand "sma" to give me a mailing list archive URL here, as I type this blog post).

If you want to get really ninja on your Sugar Labs information processing skillz, learning about mediawiki templates is a handy thing. We have a few on the SL wiki - for instance, the draft template. You can make more. Learn the keyboard shortcut for saving wiki pages (alt-shift-S) and enable edit-on-doubleclick in your wiki preferences. Learn to use xobot, which hangs out on the #sugar channels, if you find yourself repeating something in IRC over and over again. Basically, if you find yourself doing something over and over again, automate it.

These are the most useful shortcuts and tools I've accumulated over the last few years; I hope some things here will help people navigate the rapidly growing, changing jungle of information springing up as the Sugar Labs community grows.