Ah, okay. So today's todo list (at the end of this post) was a total epic fail, and Saturday's list is going to be edited accordingly. Nothing on the list was time-sensitive (I made sure of that before I went "actually, what I'm doing now is better") and so I got good stuff done - some Sugar QA infrastructure setup with Colin and Elsa that I need to document, my laptop being set up leaner and meaner for productivity.

I read things, and saw people I haven't seen in ages, and played games with the family, so that was great. And scoured stains out of the big pot that had polymerized oil glommed onto its surface. That one took a while. I fell off the piano/exercise horse today (played guitar instead) and that's fine; I'll get back on tomorrow.

There are a lot of things I could do tomorrow; I'll let those two activity lists hang out until I chew through them this weekend and early next week. Tomorrow, though, I'm leaving as Hang Out With Family day. I want to follow-up and document the stuff that Colin, Elsa, and I did tonight, and I want to return my library book (the last one - all the rest are already back at the BPL) and get my next big Round o' Reading. That's all I have to do; both of these things need to be timely. Well, that and piano and stretching. But the exercising and the music should be every day.

Things that would be nice to do: stuff from the two lists I've already made, and a few things which I'm going to experiment with; in lieu of saying "I'll do X on this day," I'm going to set them as prerequisites for things I'll inevitably want/need to do. Before I do more graphics work in Gimp or Inkscape, I should be making my tablet work in Fedora (Why is there no /etc/X11/xorg.conf? It seems odd to not have that file at that location. I may be missing something obvious.) Before I next chat on IRC, I need to put up bip and bitlbee. And I can't just copy things from my homedir backup to my laptop; I have to check it out from a vcs.

I'm hoping that need will drive me to do these things more than arbitrary deadlines with no meaning would. I'm feeling pretty good about my productivity over the last few days, and actually think that it's been quite sustainable so far (instead of my usual "sprint 'till you collapse, then feel guilty about everything!") so we'll see how long I can stay on this horse... just gotta be gentle enough with myself that I can keep getting back on.